The Art of Selling Art – Showflipper

Art is a reflection of what is in the heart of an artist; an artist’s perspective of the world around.

It involves a lot of preparations and attention to detail to get just one single piece of art ready. The level of creativity, an eye for detail, deep understanding of colors, and its combinations, and the artist’s involvement required is immense. Even if one element is missing; the outcome would not be an impressive work of art.

As a hobby, art can give a lot of calmness and can be a stress reliever.

But for the serious ones who are creating art as a full-time job or even a part-time for that matter; the job isn’t done just by creating multiple masterpieces.

The next challenging task that will need to be dealt with is selling the art to the right customer. One that will fetch the artist a decent price for all the hard work that has gone into creating it.

Selling is a completely different ball game, but one need not get intimidated by it. Dedication, planning, and tapping the right opportunity, can certainly help flourish in an art business.

Appreciating art is a very personal experience. It is very subjective and can be interpreted differently by different people. Therefore, it can be tough to finalize on the approach to take for selling one’s precious artwork. Nobody would want their artwork lying around in the gallery or storage for long. With some important points in mind, this process can become easier.

Traditional Art Galleries

Selling art through art galleries has been the traditional approach to get ones art-recognized and sold. Usually, the art galleries prefer to put up art from some known sources. So, if you plan to approach an art gallery; first try to find some reference to which you can reach the gallery. If that is not a possibility then, of course, you can go in unsolicited carrying portfolio of your work. The creative group of people who appreciate art is very small and the traditional art galleries are a very attractive place to host your creative work. Having the right contacts can get your work to its right place.

Digital Art Galleries

Is it possible to sell art and craft online?

That might have been a question that was keeping art away from the internet.

Though art has taken a long time to go online mainly for its sales, it has caught up and many digital art galleries and online art studios have come up, which provide a great platform for budding artists who want to showcase their work.

These provide a huge platform for new artists and existing artists to display their work to the maximum number of art lovers all over the world.

Though the selling price will be split between the gallery and the artist; it can be a good start and an opportunity to garner more and more contacts. ShowFlipper Inc. is a good start to the online journey for artists.


For any business to flourish a website is a must today.

Not just a keepsake website, it must be themed as per the general content of your artwork or at least somewhere close to that idea. A blog site will help in establishing many references that can spread the word and get your work to sell easily.

Blogs are also a great way to keep in touch with your potential buyers. Letting them know the story behind the artwork; about you as an artist and person, will all get them curious to know more about you and your art hopefully leading to the ultimate goal of sell art and craft online.

One of your goals must be, to sell your art online as this platform is just too lucrative to be ignored.

Other avenues of selling

There are many other ways too to get your work appreciated. Many art competitions and painting competition keep happening around the year at public forums giving every artist equal opportunity to shine. Art competitions can also be a big opportunity for artists to make many contacts; as such events are usually endorsed by some big brands. Most of these art competitions also provide an opportunity to the winner for working with them either temporarily or permanently. Some give the winners, a chance to showcase their work in leading magazines. Being part of such programs gives a big break to artists, along with boosting confidence, giving exposure to different kinds of art, and also evaluates their own work.

Apart from this, an artist must learn the art of marketing their work as well.

If they intend to sell their work, we believe it must be at the right price and to the right person who can appreciate art. There is no shortage of imposters as well in this age so it can become difficult to stand out from the crowd and proudly display your genuine art. Good marketing will help an artist to sail through the difficult process of selling their hard work.

Finally, what will really take you to the other side is the art itself. So an artist should also evaluate their work carefully, and put their best into every piece of work.

A professionally built portfolio of all the work will also show the potential buyers how serious you are about your work; and, how beneficial it will be for them to be associated with you as an artist.

Now that is the art of selling art!

If you are an artist of fine art, digital art, fabric art, jewelry design, sculpture or writer of books or a poet; ShowFlipper Inc. is a platform which gives you the opportunity to showcase and sell your art online. Join now and enjoy benefits of being a privileged member.