Best Tips to Sell Paintings Online Using Facebook

If you intend to sell paintings online, Facebook could come across as one of the finest marketing tools. A prime reason that facilitates the same is the niche audience in magnanimous numbers that one finds on Facebook.

If used right, Facebook could take one’s artistic business to an all-new high!

An interesting statistic regarding FaceBook is that for centering down upon perspective consumer cross-section, it works better than commercials and even blogs. So if one intends to sell fine art paintings online, in the present day environment, there is no way that one could go ahead without putting FaceBook to judicious use.

Let’s take a look at some of the best practices that one must stick to while selling one’s art on Facebook.

Create A Dedicate Page To Showcase And Market Your Art
This must have a sleek and professional name, also a biography and a link to your website.

Post It Right To Engage The Viewer
To get a perspective consumer’s attention, one must make a constant endeavor to stay in their good books.

The more a prospective client comes across you and your works, the more likely he is to buy an art piece from you.

One must make an attempt to engage the user, tell stories, write catchy headlines to get the user attention and post engaging content, both visual and verbal which catches a reader’s attention.

One must make it a point to post the call to action in all one’s posts.

Get An Online Store
One can now get an online store on Facebook, wherein one can create galleries and albums to showcase one’s work

Price It Right
For a beginner, it just may be fine to make sure that your works are not overpriced.

Chip In More Variety
High priced fine art paintings may yield a high ROI, but paintings in the medium price range are sure to get across to a greater audience cross section. This gives one a chance to not just make sales but also come across repeat customers.

Post Frequently
This would work towards building and keep audience attention, such that you carve a niche for yourself and your works.

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words
Make sure that you upload only the best quality of photographs for your fine art paintings such that it yields maximum returns for you.

Spread The Word!
Market your post right, join relevant groups and share your best posts, giving you more of a chance to come across the right audience cross section.

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